GPU compare benchmark

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
P106-10020.85 Mh/sethash1847Mhz4006MHz109WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.88 Mh/sethash1847Mhz4006MHz108WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.99 Mh/sethash1873Mhz4006MHz108WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.88 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz109WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.88 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz107WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.86 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz107WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.84 Mh/sethash1847Mhz4006MHz108WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.83 Mh/sethash1835Mhz4006MHz116WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.97 Mh/sethash1885Mhz4006MHz113WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.03 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz108WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.05 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz110WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.06 Mh/sethash1885Mhz4006MHz112WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.07 Mh/sethash1835Mhz4006MHz109WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.11 Mh/sethash1873Mhz4006MHz110WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.05 Mh/sethash1835Mhz4006MHz113WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10020.97 Mh/sethash1847Mhz4006MHz108WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.11 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz108WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.09 Mh/sethash1847Mhz4006MHz109WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10021.1 Mh/sethash1860Mhz4006MHz107WWin. (EthControl)398.8211.9 - ETH
P106-10021.07 Mh/sethash1885Mhz4006MHz108WWin. (EthControl)398.8211.9 - ETH