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This data is provided by MinerMonitoring benchmarking system. If you wish test your own desktop pc score, try running our benchmark tool MinerMonitoring Tool

Date Score Highest hashrate Average hashrate Highest temp Algo
2021-11-25 10:59 73 11.85 Mh/s 9.87 Mh/s 56 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-24 15:52 154 50.1 Mh/s 180.94 Mh/s 77 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-24 15:44 157 49.59 Mh/s 164.85 Mh/s 68 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-24 15:41 180 49.29 Mh/s 160.92 Mh/s 72 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-23 21:57 83 13.44 Mh/s 11.19 Mh/s 66 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-09 15:47 34 13.75 Mh/s 4.58 Mh/s 41 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-06 15:50 50 11.62 Mh/s 6.72 Mh/s 60 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-05 22:25 28 5.71 Mh/s 3.8 Mh/s 47 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-05 22:24 27 5.49 Mh/s 3.66 Mh/s 46 C kawpow Detailed report
2021-11-05 22:22 25 5.18 Mh/s 3.44 Mh/s 42 C kawpow Detailed report

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Looking for best gpu for mining? Checkout these mining gpu compare benchmarks. Choosing for correct gpu rigs is hard on these days, that's why we made a possible benchmark listing available for all different mining gpu's available.

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
P106-10023.38 Mh/sethash1493Mhz4353MHz73WWin. (EthControl)390.6515.0 - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10023.35 Mh/sethash1493Mhz4353MHz78WWin. (EthControl)390.6515.0 - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10023.35 Mh/sethash1493Mhz4353MHz72WWin. (EthControl)390.6515.0 - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-100241471506Mhz4532MHz73WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241511556Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241481531Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241461518Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241421493Mhz4532MHz75WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241461518Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241351506Mhz4532MHz75WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241421531Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241341480Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241491518Mhz4532MHz73WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241441493Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100241451518Mhz4532MHz74WMM OS (Linux)415.27ethminer-0.19.0-alpha.0Check from amazon
P106-100251695Mhz4428MHz83WWin. (EthControl)417.22GMinerCheck from amazon
P106-100221708Mhz4428MHz86WWin. (EthControl)417.22GMinerCheck from amazon
P106-100231708Mhz4428MHz84WWin. (EthControl)417.22GMinerCheck from amazon
P106-100221721Mhz4428MHz78WWin. (EthControl)417.22GMinerCheck from amazon
P106-100241657Mhz4428MHz80WWin. (EthControl)417.22GMinerCheck from amazon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to