GPU compare benchmark

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Looking for best gpu for mining? Checkout these mining gpu compare benchmarks.

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
P106-10023.49 Mh/sethash1569Mhz4252MHz81WWin. (EthControl)431.3615.0 - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10023.73 Mh/sethash1569Mhz4252MHz79WWin. (EthControl)431.3615.0 - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10023.49 Mh/sethash1544Mhz4608MHz76WWin. (EthControl)446.1415.0 - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10023.5 Mh/sethash1556Mhz4551MHz88WWin. (EthControl)382.53PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.93 Mh/sethash1873Mhz4551MHz107WWin. (EthControl)382.53PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.81 Mh/sethash1695Mhz4551MHz90WWin. (EthControl)382.53PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.87 Mh/sethash1721Mhz4551MHz90WWin. (EthControl)382.53PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.88 Mh/sethash1733Mhz4551MHz89WWin. (EthControl)382.53PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.94 Mh/sethash1885Mhz4551MHz108WWin. (EthControl)382.53PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.09 Mh/sethash1607Mhz4622MHz90WWin. (EthControl)445.87PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.43 Mh/sethash1607Mhz4622MHz87WWin. (EthControl)445.87PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.42 Mh/sethash1620Mhz4622MHz90WWin. (EthControl)445.87PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.35 Mh/sethash1607Mhz4622MHz89WWin. (EthControl)445.87PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.75 Mh/sethash1708Mhz4622MHz88WWin. (EthControl)445.87PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10024.67 Mh/sethash1683Mhz4622MHz89WWin. (EthControl)445.87PM 5.1c - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-1006503515kawpow1506Mhz4201MHz98WWin. (EthControl)431.1831.1Check from amazon
P106-10010360205kawpow1506Mhz4201MHz105WWin. (EthControl)431.1831.1Check from amazon
P106-10010530760kawpow1569Mhz4201MHz108WWin. (EthControl)431.1831.1Check from amazon
P106-10021.38 Mh/sethash1417Mhz4498MHz70WMM OS (Linux)440.48.02PM 5.1b - ETHCheck from amazon
P106-10021.99 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4498MHz70WMM OS (Linux)440.48.02PM 5.1b - ETHCheck from amazon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to