Frequently Asked Questions

To buy more rig slots you can go to "Premium" page on top and scroll to bottom. If you already have 5 rigs and need 2 more to be added example, then you need to only buy 2 more slots, they will have their own timestamp start and end for selected period.
Overview of payments for premium with rig count and expire dates are listed here: Payments
This means that EthControl cannot reach mining software API provided by developers who made mining software, usually this appears when you have firewall blocking or missing API parameter on command line.
This means that mining process has been killed by error, ethcontrol will start a new process after printing this message.
AMD rigs don't support power reading currently, we are working on fix for it.
To enable crash reports for your rig/rigs, you need to go to "Miners" page and press pencil button on rig bar, there you can select version of Crash report.
Custom software allows you to upload CCMiner forks, new claymore builds and more other softwares to deploy and run easily on multiple rigs.
Configs are like custom .bat files where you select your miner example EWBF or Claymore and set command parameters to run it, EthControl will take those configs and run them for you.
To monitor only GPU stats, you need to install EthMonitoring to each rig and add host: "localhost" name: yourrigname and type: StatsOnly, then will start updating only GPU stats like temp, fan speed and power if available.
You can monitor multiple softwares on same rig, like AMD + nVidia, for doing that you can add host: "localhost" and name: "myrig1" then add another one with same host but different name
We don't have all the miners listed, because some don't have API for data gathering, but these that are listed, you can add them with same name and host but different type, EthMonitoring will start tracking them, if one of them is "ONLINE" it will report that rig online and data will be displayed.
Maintenance mode will disable notifications and rig rebooter functionality when selected.